YUMU - Product information | 2015-03-22 | 人氣:2505

SUNKEN Ken Plus is YUMU innovative balance design.

Using more than 20 times than the average laser technology on the middle cup.

This technology makes logo deep 5mm weight of the Center cup. So that enhancing the entire kendmama balancing effect.

Designer: ParkerYu

Key points of choosing your kendama! 
Below is the technique of how to adjust weight in terms of physical and my experience. 
With the rich experience form other player and wood craftsmen. 
The best way to adjust the weight is using Yumu3.0 .
Here is the mnemonic phrase about how to choose your kendama. 
"Heavy ken is good to do KenFlip. Heavy sarado is good to do Lunar"
Below is how to adjust weight when doing whirland. 
Heavy ken is more steady and turns slower. The rotation axis is more on base-cup. 
Heavy sarado turns faster but not so much steady. The rotation axis is more on sarado.
There are three best weight of kendama to do KenFlip, Lunar, Normal 
You can practice forever once you found the best weight of these three kendama for you.
Remember to best weight of these three kendama for you. Then you can get a fresh but the same weight when the old is broken. 
And the feel of doing the tricks won't change. 
Sunken is the best choice for you 
Because it's takes at least five kendamas to adjust the best weight of kendama for you.
But one Sunken can give all you need.

YUMU Professional kendama makers.

Where can buy ?  KendamaLife http://www.kendamalife.com/kendama/sunken