YUMU - 不分類 | 2015-05-21 | 人氣:1158

Name : Chris Do

When and How did you get into Kendama? I got into kendama in high school m senior year, mostly because it was extremely popular at my school.

What does kendama mean to you? What kendama means to me is a great hobby that introduced me to so many great people and so taught me so many things that I never knew about myself because it challenged my creativity and thinking in a whole other level.

Why did you join Yumu? I joined Yumu because they seem like a very promising and innovative company, always trying to make new things and push the boundaries of kendama making.

Who inspires you to play? Everyone inspires me to play. When I see others play and progress, it inspires me to play and progress and challenge myself as well.

How often do you practice Kendama? I practice kendama whenever I get the chance to play, not as often as I would like but often enough that I keep pushing myself.

Favorite Kendama trick? My favorite kendama trick is most likely any variation of  "revolver", also known as "gunslinger"

Faborite Kendama to play? My favorite kendama to play is probably my terra painted ozora because it has my favorite color and was a gift from my girlfriend.   


Personal Records

  • WKC 2014 6th place