Jdurand - Team | 2011-02-21 | 人氣:2989
YUMU Kendama Team
Caden lundberg



   ball in a cup kid
2.Date of Birth
5.What kind of KENDAMA do you use?
   sunrise,tk-16 or oozora
6.How often do you play KENDAMA?
7.What kind of music do you like?
8.Besides kendama,What are your hobbies?
9.How many years do you play KENDAMA?
   2 and a half years
10.Why did you play kendama?And how did you
     know kendama?

     my uncle went on a mission to japan and brought
     one back from his mission when i was 9 and when
     ever i went to his house i would play until i got one
     for my self
11.What kendana tricks do you good at?
     bird,light house,double U.F.O, and alot more
     spacewalk tricks
12.What tricks do you want to learn?
     frontwards lunar and triple U.F.O
13.Who is your favorite kendama player?
     Colin sander
14.The most memorable kendama experience?
     i got a kendama signed by colin sander