Jdurand - Team | 2011-02-21 | 人氣:3274
YUMU Kendama Team
Chad Wood


1.Date of Birth
    Canton, Georgia
4.What kind of KENDAMA do you use?
    JKA Oozara in green, pink, red, and sky blue
5.How often do you play KENDAMA?
6.What kind of music do you like?
7.Besides kendama,What are your hobbies?
   making music
8.How many years do you play KENDAMA?
   about 1 year
9.Why did you play kendama?And how did you know

   My friend had one and i picked it up and instantly
   became addicted
10.What kendana tricks do you good at?
     I like all the lunar, lighthouse, and UFO variations
11.What tricks do you want to learn?
    some of the more difficult combonations and how to
    get stilts everytime
12.Who is your favorite kendama player?
     Colin Sanders
13.The most memorable kendama experience?
     when I got five oozaras for christmas :D