Jdurand - Team | 2011-02-21 | 人氣:2377
YUMU Kendama Team
Austin Neil


YUMU kendama edit by Austin Neil


1.Date of Birth
3.What kind of KENDAMA do you use?
    Ozoora woodgrain, tk 16
4.How often do you play KENDAMA?
   Every day
5.What kind of music do you like?
6.Besides kendama,What are your hobbies?
7.How many years do you play KENDAMA?
   1 years
8.Why did you play kendama?And how did you
   know kendama?

9.What kendana tricks do you good at?
   Bird to pin. Lighthouse to pin etc
10.What tricks do you want to learn?
11.Who is your favorite kendama player?
      Turner Thorne
12.The most memorable kendama experience?
      Meeting Turner