Very appreciate for the support from friends of Japan to Yumu kendama and Fucheng factory. Kendama has some special trick to bring everybody around the world to gather in Japan. Even though Parker can not be there for this year, but the love to kendama is still the same and never will change.
Parker wants to take this opportunity to thank friends of Japan, and the organizer Gloken kendama to allows Yumu kendama and Parker to bring us the best design of kendama to the world! Hope everyone have fun and enjoy the event, and wish the contest a great success!

Design concept for Whirlpool X KWC2016 Kendama(うずまき×KWC2016けん玉)

This new series is based on the traditional calligraphy from oriental culture. The protean use of brush strokes colors up the tama, bringing us an art piece in charismatic Whirlpool style. It is hand painted as brand new designed by Parker, is the gift for all participants of KWC 2016!



感謝在日本的大家對玉木對府城工廠的支持,劍玉有一種神奇的魔法,讓全世界的朋友一起在日本相聚,體驗劍玉所帶來的樂趣。雖然這一次 Parker Yu 無法到場,但是我們對劍玉的愛是一樣的不會改變。藉此感謝日本的朋友與GLOKEN主辦單位,讓我們有機會可以把最好的設計獻給大家。希望大家愉快的參與活動,祝活動順利!

漩渦 Whirlpool x KWC2016劍玉的設計理念

這個新系列是由東方文化傳統的書法廷伸而來。多變的畫法筆觸,帶來不特別的漩渦層次將劍玉的質感提升到藝術逸品。由Parker Yu 手工繪制而成,獻給2016年KWC所有與會者的禮物!



この場を借りて主催者のGloken Kendama様には改めて感謝をしたいと思います。おかげさまで、こんなに素晴らしいデザインをご参加者の皆さまに差し上げられます。思い出に残る素晴らしい大会となりますことを心よりお祈り申しあげます。

うずまきx KWC2016 けん玉のデザイン