YUMU - 四方 SIFANG - Product | 2015-01-31 | 人氣:1264

四象在中國傳統文化中指青龍、白虎、朱雀、玄武,分別代表東西南北四個方向。在二十八星宿中,四象用來劃分天上的星星,也稱「四神」、「四聖」。四靈是一種吉祥的象徵,中國人相信他們能保護人的吉、凶、禍、福。SIFANG 即以這四聖獸各自所代表的意象, 創造出別出一方,有意象有意念,五行相輔 四象而生 的四方劍玉 - SIFANG KENDAMA.

In ancient Chinese astronomy, the Four Symbols - Azure Dragon (pinyin: Qinglong), White Tiger (pinyin: Baihu), Rosefinch (pinyin: Zhuque) and Black Turtle (pinyin: Xuanwu) - represent the East, the West, the South and the North, respectively. They are also known as the Four Gods and Four Saints, dividing the 28 lunar mansions into the eastern group of 7 constellations, the western group of 7 constellations, the southern group of 7 constellations and the northern group of 7 constellations. Chinese people believe that the Four Benevolent Animals are auspicious symbols that bring in luck and happiness and protect us against evil and misfortune. SIFANG now presents a new product - SIFANG KENDAMA – that ingeniously incorporates the images of the Four Holy Beasts into its design and embodies the mutual promotion among the Five Elements and the rhythm of Nature.